In a recent survey conducted by Portico, individuals were asked to view a specific building project on an architect's website. The visual portion in this portfolio used an attractive rendering, instead of a photograph, as the likeness for a project that had been completed one year earlier. There was no information on the website that told the participants that the building was already finished. The survey group was then asked to answer one simple question: What did they think was the project's current state of development? Their 3 choices were: 

A) Design Stage B) Construction Stage C) Completed Project 

The results of the survey offer a clear indication about how renderings are interpreted. In 91% of the responses, the participants picked either the Design Stage (68%) or the Construction Stage (23%) as their answer. This reinforces the idea that when people view a rendering, their brains are wired to instinctively imagine something in the future. Left alone to make this assumption, a vast majority of viewers will see a rendering as representative of what the project might look like in the future. These misinformed people might never see the project for what it really is: a completed success story. 

That's why photography is such a vital component for any design/build website or marketing campaign. Intelligent firms know that it's essential to keep their target audience up to date and properly informed. Professional photography gives your company the means to fully express the artistry and uniqueness of your portfolio architectural projects. The message that photography conveys in your marketing efforts is clear and unmistakeable: 

The project isn't being designed. It's not under construction. 

It's finished!